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Buckle up, London. Ultrafast fibre internet is HERE.


Fibre plans for any lifestyle

All fibre plans feature symmetrical speeds with true end-to-end fibre connectivity on our privately owned network, for a more stable and robust internet experience.

Home Fibre 50

50 Mbps Speed Dial

Download: 50 Mbps
Upload: 50 Mbps
Usage: Unlimited



Amazing value for a powerful, well-balanced fibre connection, with enough juice to give you the jump on most typical online tasks.

Home Fibre 100

100 Mbps Speed Dial

Download: 100 Mbps
Upload: 100 Mbps
Usage: Unlimited



Experience next-gen speeds that make bandwidth-heavy activities like streaming, gaming, and video-calls smoother than you thought possible.

Home Fibre 300

300 Mbps Speed Dial

Download: 300 Mbps
Upload: 300 Mbps
Usage: Unlimited



Effortlessly transfer massive files, download full games in seconds, and crank your streaming settings up to the max! Buckle up, we're about to go fast!

Home Fibre 1000

1000 Mbps Speed Dial

Download: 1000 Mbps
Upload: 1000 Mbps
Usage: Unlimited



This one is for the internet savvy households, the gaming enthusiasts, and the HD streaming experience. Your ultrafast online experience awaits, so let loose and go wild!


   † Technology limitations result in achievable speeds of 940Mbps.

Take your internet experience to the next level! We have Fibre packages available in London and high-speed internet options throughout Ontario. Submit your info below and one of our friendly Reps will be in touch with you.

What makes fibre internet so great?

Instead of relying on copper wiring like older internet technologies, fibre transmits data by sending rapid pulses of light through crystal clear, flexible strands of glass. It’s literally internet at the speed of light! Plus, all our fibre plans feature symmetrical speeds, which is a total game-changer if you work from home. Sweat pants forever!

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Faster speeds

With speeds up to 1 Gigabit/second (1000 Mbps), our fibre is fast. Like, download a movie in seconds fast.

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More reliable

Rest easy knowing your internet won't cut out or slow down during those important moments when you need to stay connected.

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No limits or caps

Our fibre service includes unlimited usage, so you can download, upload, stream, and game as much as you want.

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Our own network

We own and manage every aspect of our fibre network, so you'll always get first-class support from local experts.

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Symmetrical speeds

Faster upload speeds mean smoother video calls, quicker file transfers, and zero excuses for being outdueled online.

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24hr Support

Our friendly Customer Experience Team is available to help 24/7. You can reach us by the phone, by email, or live chat on our website.

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One Price Promise

We believe in simple, friendly pricing. Everyone pays the same price for the same package. No bundling required and no time-limited sales.

How do I get fibre?

If you live in one of our fibre areas and your address is eligible for fibre connectivity, you can follow these steps to get your fibre service connected. Be sure to sign up early to avoid potential construction fees.

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Contact us

Fill out the form or call us at 519-488-7021 to find out if your home or business is eligible for fibre.

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Sign up

If eligible, you can select a plan and sign up. At this time, we’ll schedule a date for our crew to get you connected.

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Our crew will then run a fibre line to your home using minimally invasive construction techniques.

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A technician installs your hardware and activates your service, then you’re off to the races!

Welcome to the Fibrehood

Upgrading London’s internet infrastructure takes time, but our network is expanding every day, so if you don’t see your neighbourhood on the map yet, check back soon or get in touch with us. You can use this map to see where we’re currently at with our fibre plans.


London is our home too

London is our home, and we’re investing in fibre here because we want to provide homes and businesses with a world-class, local option. Our network is 100% built and supported by London technicians so if you ever need support, we’re not far.

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We're here to answer your questions

Check out our frequently asked questions and contact us if you still need help.

What does the fibre installation process look like?

We take great care to cause minimal impact to your home or property when we install fibre. If you live in a multi-dwelling unit such as a condo, we generally run our fibre through the existing conduit (tubing that carries other utility lines) and along molding, then into your unit via a small hole that we drill. The fibre line itself is nearly invisble. If you live in a detached home, we will run a fibre line directly to your home. We can do this either by utilizing the existing aerial utility poles, or via a non-invasive trenching technique. If you want to know more, please check out this article about our fibre construction practices.

Why does signing up early prevent construction fees?

Basically we want to get your fibre line installed early in the construction process while our equipment and crews are already in your area. Once our crews have moved onto the next neighbourhood, it costs us both time and money to go back and complete a one-off installation.

Will getting a fibre connection affect my current cable or DSL internet service? fibre relies on a completely separate infrastructure than DSL or cable internet so you can have fibre and cable/DSL service simultaneously. If you’re a cable or DSL customer who is upgrading to fibre, we’ll ensure that your old service remains active until your fibre is up and running. If you’re with another provider, your connection will remain active until you cancel it.

Does provide fibre-to-the-home (ftth) or fibre-to-the-node (fttn)?

Virtually all of the fibre we run is fibre-to-the-home or FTTH (that’s a good thing)! This means that a new fibre line is brought right to your home, so you experience true fibre speed, entirely on's own infrastructure. Some other providers offer fibre-to-the-node services under a “fibre” banner but typically these services rely on traditional copper wiring so they cannot deliver true fibre speeds.

Will the Installation Technician connect my fibre modem to my router for me?

If you have the router you wish to use onsite, our friendly technicians will gladly help connect your router to your modem. Often, it’s as simple as connecting your new fibre modem to your existing Wi-Fi router (we only recommend this if your current router is capable of handling gigabit speeds). If you don’t happen to have a router at the time of hookup, our friendly Customer Experience Group will be happy to help guide you through the process (24/7).

Will I need a special modem?

We currently rent out fibre modems (known as ONT’s) for a small monthly fee. The benefit to renting is that it allows us to easily replace, or upgrade the item at any time if necessary.

What kind of router do I need?

If you want Wi-Fi (and who doesn’t?) you’ll need a router. Any gigabit router with a WAN port will work with the modem that we supply.

How do I pay my bill?

Once you have signed up, you will receive your first bill on the 1st day of the following month. This will include any equipment or setup fees that apply. After that, we’ll send your monthly bill via email on the 1st (for the upcoming month’s service) and will automatically take your payment from the credit card or bank account that you’ve provided. You can change your method of payment at any time through our customer portal or by calling in.

Do you want faster, more reliable internet service?